Youth Ambassadors FAQs

What is DCYA?

We are a student-driven volunteer organization with a mission to advocate for awareness about the dangers of substance use and encourage our peers to make positive and healthy choices; free of substance use and abuse. 

What do you do?

DCYA coordinates school assemblies for preschool and elementary school students using the evidence-based SPARKS program. We also hosts a Youth Summit every year in April for local 8th graders. 

Why join DCYA?

There are 3 major reasons why DCYA works: 

1. Alcohol and other drug use is less prevalent when living drug-free is recognized as an acceptable and common choice. 

2. Peer leadership with innovative ideas can create solutions and change 

3. DCYA's unique brand of peer leadership provides modeling and advocacy for other youth; encouraging them to make positive and healthy life choices 

What is the time commitment?

DCYA meetings are 1.5 hour meetings twice per month. Ambassadors are required to attend at least 10 meetings per year. Our group has five different committees which you choose to be a part of. Our calendar of events are made a year in advance so our volunteers know their schedule of commitments well in advance. 

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