Welcome to Wellness.

In standing with our community coalition's mission to "empower Dearborn County Citizens to choose safe and healthy choices, free from the harms of alcohol and other drugs" we introduce you to our Wellness Initiative. 

What is wellness?

In alignment with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), we pledge to promote wellness by motivating individuals, organizations, and our community to take action and work toward improved quality of life, heart health, and increased years of life.  

Wellness is not just the absence of a disease, illness, or stress, but the presence of:

Optimal physical and behavioral health

A purpose in life

Active involvement in satisfying work and play

Healthy and supportive relationships

Overall happiness

SAMHSA has created 8 different social factors that can effect our overall wellness; which can either promote or hinder social inclusion. 

Our coalition hopes that with these resources, we can play a role in building a healthy, holistic, and inclusive community. 


8 About 8

Our coalition has created a workbook to explain the eight different dimensions along with "8 About 8" which includes eight different tips and ideas to build and nurture each dimension. We encourage you to print it off, post it in your home or office, and visit it regularly. 

CASA's 8 About 8

8 Dimensions of Wellness.3.2020 (pdf)


Wellness Inventory

This journey through wellness needs to be a personal one. Below we have a few different inventories that you can try to get started. Choose what works best for you.

BalancingYourWellness (pdf)


Wellness Worksheets (pdf)


Wellness-Wheel-Health-Inventory (pdf)


wellness_in_8_dimensions_booklet_with_daily_plan (pdf)


8 About 8