Working for a drug-free community. Prevention for substance use and abuse.

Working for a drug-free community. Prevention for substance use and abuse.

Working for a drug-free community. Prevention for substance use and abuse.Working for a drug-free community. Prevention for substance use and abuse.Working for a drug-free community. Prevention for substance use and abuse.

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I Need Help NOW


Finding immediate help for yourself or someone you know during a crisis is available right here in Dearborn County.

It Starts With Prevention


Substance use prevention is critical but it only works when we have the facts and support. Find more information here.

Community Resources


Incredible things are happening in Dearborn County and there is support to help you along the way. Find a list of resources here. 

Understanding Addiction


Many times, those struggling don't ask for help because of the stigma that surrounds addiction. The more we, collectively as a community, understand this disease, the more hope and healing we can find. 

Helping A Loved One


Having a loved one who is struggling can be one of the most difficult challenges you ever face, here are resources to help guide you through it. 

Coalition Work


Coalitions only when when all different parts of the community come together to find local solutions to what is impacting OUR community. Understand the different working parts of coalition work here. 

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Dearborn County CASA is to combat substance use and abuse by providing awareness, education, and hope for our community. Collaborating with community partners, we strive to identify, plan, and support efforts to address the challenges related to the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

What our county is facing:

Our membership collaborates to identify problem statements in our county regarding substance use and abuse. We use local data collected by our community partners to create action plans to combat our specific regional challenges. These statements are evaluated every three years, if not before, depending on the current trends in our area. 

Statement 1: Illicit use of alcohol and drugs, including marijuana, create a myriad of problems for the youth in Dearborn County.

Statement 2: Methamphetamine use is increasing in our county.

Statement 3: There is a lack of community awareness and understanding regarding available resources for substance abuse and addiction for individuals and families residing in Dearborn County. 

Substance use and abuse is hard to address BUT there are answers.

CASA has been active coalition fighting substance use and abuse in our community since 1989; growing from 8 members to around 40, attending our meetings on a regular basis. The different sectors in our membership include: parents, interested citizens, law enforcement, government and justice, business, media, education, faith-based, youth, and healthcare workers. 

Together, we can work to combat these issues as a community. Spreading knowledge, education, and awareness are essential to providing the citizens in our county, young and old, with a safe and healthy place to live. 

Membership Meetings

Come join us.

We invite everyone in our community to join our monthly membership meetings. They are held on the 1st Monday of every month at 11:30AM at the Lawrenceburg Firehouse on 300 West Tate Street in Lawrenceburg, IN. When the 1st Monday of the month falls on a holiday, we will meet the 1st Tuesday of the month. 

Change can only be made with the curiosity and dedication of individuals collectively joining forces for a common cause. Whether you are well informed in the area of substance use and abuse or just a concerned citizen looking for answers, we welcome you to join in our conversation. 

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