Dearborn County Youth Ambassadors

Prevention starts with our youth.

The Dearborn County Youth Ambassadors (DCYA) carry a motto of "Prevention First". DCYA is a unique community-based, student-driven, volunteer program under the larger umbrella of our CASA membership. The Ambassadors are comprised of high school students from all three local districts, private schools, and homeschool students. This group volunteers outside of their school and extra-curricular commitments to advocate for substance abuse awareness. These individuals strive to provide leadership in our community by setting an example for all of our local youth. They host a Youth Summit every April for area 8th graders and lead school assemblies for elementary students with their "SPARKS" program. 

These students are an inspiring group of individuals. Their dedication to spread education and awareness about the abuse of substances among their peers is invaluable here in our community. 


Advocating for Positive Change



Innovative peer leadership models can bring solutions to problems and positive change to the youth in our community. DCYA is committed to helping and leading their peers to knock down  false beliefs about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Our ambassadors believe that every single person in our community is vital in keeping kids safe and drug free. Whole-school, family, and community involvement are among the most powerful ways to help build a drug-free community. This group continues to lead by example. 


Our meetings are held twice a monthly and our ambassadors freely give their time and energy to the cause. Everything that the ambassadors do is in the name of substance abuse prevention and education. 


Our ambassadors are from all over Dearborn County and represent all three local high schools as well as private and home schooled students. There are currently 22 students that are dedicated to spreading their message to our area youth. 


Our Youth Ambassador program is unique in southeastern Indiana. Throughout the years, our ambassadors have been recognized as "Student Volunteer of the Year" seven times and named "Runner Ups" two times by PreventionFirst! of Greater Cincinnati. 

Youth Initiatives

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