Initiatives and Action Plan

Community anti-drug coalitions were approved by the Governor’s Commission for a Drug Free Indiana and established by the general assembly in 1989. The goal was to develop local coalitions in each of the 92 Indiana counties to assess and address local substance abuse issues. Coalitions comprised of individuals and community leaders representing different sectors in a community were encouraged to work together to reduce the negative impacts of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on its residents. 

Our organization uses funds received by the county from court fees associated with drug and alcohol fines. These funds are distributed to three different sectors in our community: prevention programs, intervention/treatment resources, and law enforcement through yearly grants. Our operating costs come from the generosity of the City of Lawrenceburg. CASA is the only local coordinating council that receives this type of funding from city government. We are also supported each year by the kindness of individual donors. 

In order to effectively and efficiently provide our community with the best possible resources to fit their needs, we collaborate with our membership and community partners to create problem statements, identify initiatives, and facilitate action plans. This information is used to create a comprehensive community plan. This provides our organization with a framework to combat the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 


Problem Statements

Identified every 3 years or as needed.

Our statements are identified using local data and collaboration with our community partners. We are required to reevaluate at least every three years or as needed when the dynamics of substance use and abuse in our area dictate. 

Statement 1: Illicit use of alcohol and drugs, including marijuana, create a myriad of problems for the youth in Dearborn County.

Statement 2: Methamphetamine use is increasing in our county.

Statement 3: There is a lack of community awareness and understanding regarding available resources for substance abuse and addiction for individuals and families residing in Dearborn County. 



Prevention Efforts

Preventing substance use and abuse is not just about telling our children not to use drugs. The Search Institute's research on developmental assets provides us with a framework in supporting our youth. A link to the entire list can be found here: . These assets identify the support and strengths our youth need to make positive and healthy decisions in their lives. The Institute also provides us with research on developmental relationships that are needed for a child to feel supported within their community. Research has shown that children do better when they have a strong foundation of these strengths in their lives. The list of developmental relationships can be found here: .

What is "prevention"? Let's begin by thinking about it within three different levels: primary, secondary, and tertiary. 

Primary Prevention: this type of action is needed to prevent the onset of substance use and abuse. Generally this area involves the youth in our community while educating parents and educators. 

Examples of our current initiatives include our Youth Ambassador program, providing resources and information to educators and parents, youth programs teaching healthy life choices and educating them about the dangers of substance use and abuse. 

Secondary Prevention: this level encompasses a vision to reach individuals who engage in high risk behaviors that are associated with substance use and abuse. 

Examples of our current initiatives include researching assessments tools used to identify at risk individuals and provide brief interventions to modify behavior, support groups for teenagers who's parents are suffering from addiction or incarcerated for drug convictions, providing youth in our community with activities and locations where they feel welcomed and supported, working with our schools to teach our youth about healthy coping skills,.

Tertiary Prevention: this type of prevention encompasses assisting and supporting those whom have already been effected by substance use and abuse, providing them with tools and resources to lessen the long term impact of addiction

Examples of our current initiatives include supporting intervention and treatment specialists, trainings focused on the stigma of substance abuse, supports for families afflicted by addiction, provide up to date resources about intervention and treatments available in our region, supporting our recovery community in their efforts to live a clean and sober lifestyle. 


CASA Community Action Plan

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