Youth Initiatives


Youth Summit

Our Youth Ambassadors are approaching their 14th year hosting a Youth Summit for our local 8th graders. Fondly referred to as "Learnshops", the one day conference provides 6 different opportunities for our ambassadors to educate on alcohol, drugs, vaping, decision making, and other topics that effect teenagers. 

Click here to learn more about our summit, how you can get involved, or donate to support this cause.



Over the years, DCYA has come up with fun, catchy, and unique campaigns to engage their peers in their revolution. #idareyou is a media campaign created to take a "negative" and turn it into a "positive". Challenge yourself to do something positive for yourself or other people. DARE yourself to try something new. Research has shown that finding a new hobby, interest, or  having healthy relationships with others will help prevent substance abuse. 

DCYA is always looking for exciting opportunities to spread their message. They coordinate Red Ribbon Week at their schools, attend local farmer markets, and area festivals.

You can get your free #idareyou sticker at our office: 423 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, IN. 


Find Your SPARKS

SPARKS is a metaphor for describing how young people experience talents, interests, or strengths that make them feel really happy, energized, and passionate, and that give them real purpose, direction, or focus. This program was derived from the Search Institute's extensive research on developmental assets. DCYA provides our local elementary students with SPARKS assemblies during the school year. 

Additional information about the Search Institute's work on developmental assets, developmental relationships, and sparks and thriving can be found here.

If you would like to support our sparks program click here to purchase a memorial Art print by Gary T. Lambert



National Days of Action Projects

National Days of Action Projects


 VOICE is Indiana's statewide youth empowerment brand, whose initiative is to engage, educate, and empower teens to celebrate a tobacco-free lifestyle. 

National Days of Action Projects

National Days of Action Projects

National Days of Action Projects

-World No Tobacco Day

-Red Ribbon Week

-Great American Smokeout

-Kick Butts Day