Squatch Watch 2018- October 1-October 28

Updated Sasquatch Watch! 10/4/2018

Missing Sasquatch!

A Sasquatch has entered early retirement. We've attached a new form to accommodate, found below. He sends his apologies... Have fun!

Story of the Red Ribbon Squatch

CASA’s Squatch Watch 2018 has begun! Big Foot is back in Dearborn County and Community Advocating for Substance Abuse Awareness (CASA) is inviting you to join in the hunt. Each October, a tribe of elusive Red Ribbon Sasquatches come to Dearborn County for 27 days to spread drug, alcohol and tobacco facts.

Everyone is encouraged to pick up a tracking sheet, get together with friends/family, and search out the 12 Sasquatches placed throughout Dearborn county. All 12 are located on public property. Please be mindful in your search! When you find a Sasquatch, handwrite the number and Red Ribbon fact on your tracking sheet. Once you find all 12 facts, you can turn in the sheet at the last tracking station for a chance to win a HUGE family fun pack including a $200 Amazon gift card! 

We’ll give you a hint, the first Sasquatch can be found at the Lawrenceburg Firehouse, 300 W. Tate Street, Lawrenceburg, IN. From there, you will find a clue to the next one! 

Make sure to take a photo with the Sasquatch and tag your pics on Instagram @dcya_indana and on Twitter @DCYAinfo. Tracking sheets can be found online below or at the Lawrenceburg Firehouse. Have fun with your family and get educated!

Find Them All!

Find them all and have the chance to win a HUGE family prize pack! *prizes will not be split. Please submit only handwritten sheets. Thanks!

Squatch Watch Directions and Form


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